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Start your journey to success and transform to digital with Digital Marketing Excellence Course in Dubai.


Digital Marketing eXcellence Course in Dubai

Transform To Digital

▪Start your Journey to success with Digital Transformation.

▪Learn how to promote your business effectively online.

▪Develop a targeted online marketing strategy that engages potential customers throughout the digital landscape.

▪DigitalX Course explains today’s digital marketing techniques in simple terms, demonstrating how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display.

🔹Course Schedule:
⌚ 25 Hours
⌚ 6 Lectures in 6 Consecutive Days
⌚ From Saturday 20th of April to Thursday 25th of April.
⌚ 7:11 PM
✍ Each group 8 : 12 Attendees .

 ❗Course & Materials in English but we will translate and explain everything in Arabic whenever needed, Laptop is needed from lecture 3.

 🔹Course Content :
1. Introduction to e-Marketing & Inbound Marketing.
2. E-Models, E-Customers behaviors,Motivations & Fears.
3. Creating a Content Marketing Strategy.
4. Social Media Marketing Strategy (SMM).
5. Facebook & Instagram Marketing.
6. Facebook Ads Creation & Optimization.
7. Essential SEO techniques & Google Analytics Basics.
8. Google Ads Essential Training (Search, Display & Video Campaigns).
9. Managing Your Online Value proposition (OVP).
10. Digital Marketing Planning.
11. Digital Marketing Optimization & Budgeting.
12. Real current Cases, Applications,Workshops and individual assignments starting from first lecture.


🔹Course References:

🎓DigitalX provides a credible knowledge as its content is professionally curated from a mix of very recent credible sources:

✓More than 10 well cited books & Articles
✓More than 23 Modules most of them approved from AMA(American Marketing Association) .
✓Facebook Blueprint, Google Academy for Ads &Twitter flight school.

🎓All theses References are backed by :

✓10 Years Actual Practical Experience in Digital Marketing Field.
✓The lessons learned from creating and managing hundreds of campaigns :
On different Digital Channels & Platforms, In Different industries & Countries & For all company sizes start ups & Multinationals.

🔹Course Fees:

▶ Total Course Fees : 2700 AED

500 AED Discount :
▪For 2017 & 2018 Graduates.
▪Bring 1 interested friend and you both Get the 500 AED discount immediately.
▶ Total Fees after Discount : 2200 AED
❗ Kindly Note that the next course round in DUBAI will be in November 2019 & total course fees will be 3200 AED .
📣Fees include :
▪Course Lectures (6 Lectures).
▪High quality Printed Materials,Handouts & Videos.
▪Re-Attendance of any Lecture in next wave .
▪Certificate of Attendance From Trendy solutions.
▪Follow up and mentoring in your Digital Projects 3 months after the course.
❗ Special fees for 4×4 Marketing Course attendees.

👨‍💼 Instructor :

Dr.Tamer Salah – د/تامر صلاح
✓Digital Marketing Consultant, Freelance Corporate Trainer.
✓Marketing instructor in AASTMT – Freelancer
✓Planned and managed hundreds of digital campaigns On different Digital Channels & Platforms, In Different industries & Countries & For all company sizes start ups & Multinationals.
✓Worked with many companies specially pharmaceutical in Egypt and Gulf as a Marketing consultant, Digital Marketing consultant and Business Trainer .
✓10 years experience in sales and marketing in multinational companies.
✓Founder and Marketing Manager of a successful Business solutions Company
✓Instructor for Marketing tracks for 39 successful times in Cairo, Alex, Dubai & Abudhabi .

🎓Bsc.of pharmacy, Ain shams university,

تامر صلاح ماركتنج
Dr.Tamer Salah
(Grade :Excellent With honors)
🎓MBA in Marketing, Arab Academy for Science and Technology.
(Grade: Excellent )
🎓DBA in Marketing (in Progress)
(Doctorate of business administration ) Entrepreneurship .

📌Course Venue : Armada BluBay Hotel-Meeting Room

 Armada Towers, Jumeirah Lakes Towers(JLT), Sheikh Zayed Road, , Dubai, UAE


نظرا لأن الأماكن محدودة، التسجيل و تأكيد الحجز عن طريق تحويل أو ايداع  500 درهم على الحساب البنكي المرفق في استمارة التسجيل ثم ارسال اسمك في رسالة مع صورة من الايصال أو رسالة التأكيد على الايميل أو الواتس اب و لا تحتاج للحضور للمقر التدريبي  و التفاصيل في استمارة التسجيل


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Tamer salah Digital Marketing Courses marketing Course Egypt

❗ Who Should attend DigitalX ™ ?

✓ If you want to Create, Execute  and optimize your Digital Marketing plan using different Digital Marketing Channels.
✓ If you want your business or start up to stand out via Digital Channels.
✓ If you are an Entrepreneur, Freelancer or a professional and need to enhance your personal image and Personal Branding.
✓ If you need to start a career shift towards Digital Marketing job Vacancies.
✓ DigitalX is highly recommended for beginners & intermediate levels, Also if you are an expert in one channel and need an overview on Digital Marketing Planning with a holistic view
✓ DigitalX is not for everyone, It requires a hard worker with passion to learn without wasting time; who will be Committed to individual practical assignments.

N.B. Mastering any Digital Marketing Channel or Tactic is an ongoing process of learning & Practicing with trials and errors that cannot be completely done  in 25 or 100 hours.

✔ DigitalX ™  will Pave the way for you and significantly help you to complete your learning  journey backed with the power of knowledge without wasting your Efforts, Time & Money.

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