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Digital Marketing Course in Egypt

Digital Marketing eXcellence Course

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▪Start your Journey to success with Digital Transformation.

▪Learn how to promote your business effectively online.

▪Develop a targeted online marketing strategy that engages potential customers throughout the digital landscape.

▪DigitalX Course explains today’s digital marketing techniques in simple terms, demonstrating how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display.

▪DigitalX Course was Delivered successfully in Egypt & Dubai with best feedback & Customer Satisfaction, Soon in KSA & Jordan.

Online Course Is Available Now

?Course Schedule: ⌚ 8 Lectures

⌚ Every Tuesday 6:10 PM — 12 Nov. Till 31 Dec. 2019

Lec1: Tuesday 12 Nov.
Tuesday 19 Nov.
Lec3:Tuesday 26 Nov.
lec4:Tuesday  3 Dec.
Lec5:Tuesday 10 Dec.
—-Break for 1 week —-
Lec6:Tuesday 24 Dec.
Lec7:Wednesday 25 Dec.
Lec8:Tuesday 31 Dec.

✍ Each group 10 : 15 Attendees .

 ❗Course & Materials in English but we will translate and explain everything in Arabic whenever needed, Laptop is needed from lecture 3.
❗It is not mandatory to attend 4×4 Marketing course before or while attending DigitalX course, However it is highly recommended.

 ?Course Content : 1. Introduction to e-Marketing & Inbound Marketing.
2. E-Models, E-Customers behaviors,Motivations & Fears.
3. Creating a Content Marketing Strategy.
4. Social Media Marketing Strategy (SMM).
5. Facebook & Instagram Marketing.
6. Facebook Ads Creation & Optimization.
7. Building your first website (WordPress Managed).
8. Essential SEO techniques & Google Analytics Basics.
9. Google Ads Essential Training (Search, Display & Video Campaigns).10. Managing Your Online Value proposition (OVP).
11. Digital Marketing Planning.
12. Digital Marketing Optimization & Budgeting.
13. Real current Cases, Applications,Workshops and individual assignments starting from first lecture.


Online Course Is Available Now

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?Course References:

?DigitalX provides a credible knowledge as its content is professionally curated from a mix of very recent credible sources:

✓More than 10 well cited books & Articles
✓More than 23 Modules most of them approved from AMA(American Marketing Association) .
✓Facebook Blueprint, Google Academy for Ads &Twitter flight school.

?All theses References are backed by :

✓10 Years Actual Practical Experience in Digital Marketing Field.
✓The lessons learned from creating and managing hundreds of campaigns :
On different Digital Channels & Platforms, In Different industries & Countries & For all company sizes start ups & Multinationals.

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?Course Fees:

▶ Total Course Fees : 4700 LE

500 LE Discount :▪For 2018 & 2019 Graduates.▪Bring 1 interested friend and you both Get the 500 LE discount immediately. ▶ Total Fees after Discount : 4200 LE ❗ Kindly Note that next course rounds total Fees in 2020 will be 5200 LE
?Fees include :▪Course Lectures (8 Lectures).▪High quality Printed Materials,Handouts & Videos.▪Re-Attendance of any Lecture in next wave .▪Certificate of Attendance From Trendy solutions.▪Follow up and mentoring in your Digital Projects 3 months after the course.
▪You may be selected to work as an intern from home for 1 month in Trendy Solutions. ❗ Special fees for 4×4 Marketing Course or SMC Course attendees.
❗ You can enjoy this Special fees by Booking the upcoming 4×4 Marketing course.

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?‍? Instructor :

Dr.Tamer Salah – د/تامر صلاح✓Digital Marketing Consultant, Freelance Corporate Trainer.✓Marketing instructor in AASTMT – Freelancer✓Planned and managed hundreds of digital campaigns On different Digital Channels & Platforms, In Different industries & Countries & For all company sizes start ups & Multinationals.
✓Worked with many companies specially pharmaceutical in Egypt and Gulf as a Marketing consultant, Digital Marketing consultant and Business Trainer .✓11 years experience in sales and marketing in multinational companies.
✓Founder and Marketing Manager of a successful Business solutions Company
✓Instructor for Marketing tracks for 39 successful times in Cairo, Alex, Dubai & Abudhabi .?Bsc.of pharmacy, Ain shams university, (Grade :Excellent With honors)?MBA in Marketing, Arab Academy for Science and Technology.(Grade: Excellent )?DBA in Marketing (in Progress)(Doctorate of business administration ) Entrepreneurship .

تامر صلاح ماركتنج
?Course Venue : Trendy Solutions
العنوان بالتفصيلالقاهرة – مساكن شيراتون المطار-6  شارع الشهيد سيد زكريا متفرع من العروبة صلاح سالم -نفس شارع فندق فيرمونت و النساجون الشرقيون-العمارة فيها صيدلية الطرشوبي-الدور الأرضي – مدخل  جانبي خاص
الموقع من جوجل

Course Location

التسجيل و تأكيد الحجز عن طريق دفع 400 جنيه من خلال فودافون كاش أو ايداع في أحد ماكينات الصراف الألي و ارسال اسمك في رسالة مع صورة من الايصال أو رسالة التأكيد على الايميل أو الواتس اب و لا تحتاج للحضور للمقر التدريبي  و التفاصيل في استمارة التسجيل

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Trendy Solutions

Mobile/What’s App.


Tamer salah Digital Marketing Courses marketing Course Egypt

Online Course Is Available Now

marketing Plan

❗ Who Should attend DigitalX ™ ?

✓ If you want to Create, Execute  and optimize your Digital Marketing plan using different Digital Marketing Channels.
✓ If you want your business or start up to stand out via Digital Channels.
✓ If you are an Entrepreneur, Freelancer or a professional and need to enhance your personal image and Personal Branding.
✓ If you need to start a career shift towards Digital Marketing job Vacancies.
✓ DigitalX is highly recommended for beginners & intermediate levels, Also if you are an expert in one channel and need an overview on Digital Marketing Planning with a holistic view
✓ DigitalX is not for everyone, It requires a hard worker with passion to learn without wasting time; who will be Committed to individual practical assignments.

N.B. Mastering any Digital Marketing Channel or Tactic is an ongoing process of learning & Practicing with trials and errors that cannot be completely done  in 40 or 200 hours.

✔ DigitalX ™  will Pave the way for you and significantly help you to complete your learning  journey backed with the power of knowledge without wasting your Efforts, Time & Money.

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Online Course Is Available Now

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